On the other hand, what I like my music to do to me is awaken the ghosts inside of me. Not the demons, you understand, but the ghosts. ”

— David Bowie

IDna Glitch

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The Story of IDna Glitch

How do you describe a band like IDna Glitch? Born in Southern Georgia, it has a deep southern swagger, add to that the soulful moan of the introspective lyrics with a sprinkle of the tense restraint of Davenport's guitar and you have IDna Glitch. 

IDna Glitch is the brainchild of guitarist Jeff Davenport. He was working on developing some of his original music when he found frontman Caleb Storms living in his then drummer's basement. The two started working on JD's compositions and the sound that would become that unique sound of IDna Glitch started to emerge. It took a while to find the rest of the musicians that would add to that special swagger. After several attempts to find a bass player that jelled, they brought in Alec (Junior) Tilander whose constant smile and enthusiasm helped fuel the project. Then the final piece fell into place when percussionist Michael A. asked "who do I have to kill to be a part of this?" He didn't have to kill anyone, but they did ask him to join the band. Collectively they create the soulful rock swagger that is the haunting sound of IDha Glitch. 

IDna Glitch started making a buzz as soon as they hit the scene. Their unique sound and on-stage chemistry captured the hearts of all that seen them. They have been regular performers at Vinylyte Records in Newnan, Georgia. They have headlined the Rico Road July 4th celebration for the last two years. Recently they have set their sites on Atlanta and was introduced to that scene by headlining a show at the famous Star Bar in the heart of the Little Five Points district. Look for them to start showing up throughout the south and beyond! 

IDna Glitch

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